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All the parrots you see here where once in this rescue years ago.5 years ago all in there for ever home

ZZ. Blue fronted amazon---22 year's old.He is in his for ever home.

2 Alexandrine Parakeet's they are a pair....Female 18  year's old.Male 21 year's old.They are in there for ever home 

We have 2 Blue quaker's......male and female.....Baby's.They are in there for ever home

We have 2 Sun conure's  male and female....6 year's old.They are both in there for ever home togther.

Tango...A male white capped pionus...8 year's old.He is now in his for ever home.I also get to see him every week.My friend just love's him....he is doing good.

Elliot-Yellow Nape Amazon-20 years old-Male In a loving home with me for ever

Blue-Blue Fronted Amazon-26 years old-Male in a new home

Kiwi-Moluccan Cockatoo-21 years old-Male in a home for ever

Sherpa- Green wing macaw-21 years old-Male has a good home and he is happy

Sahara-African Grey-18 years old-Female in a good home

Rebel-Red lored amazon-19 years old-Female in a good home

Ruby-African Grey-Will be a year old come may 20/2013...Female and is now my little love for ever...

Fiji-Nanday Conure-6 years old....Female...Is now in a new home and doing good....

Vicky..Blue Fronted Amazon.12 years old....Female......Is now in her new for ever home...We wish them all the best...

Beacker   green nape rainbow lori...Male---16 years old...did find a new home.We here at the rescue wish them all the best....