Gift of god has many regular expenses involved in caring for the birds we take in. And being a non-profit rescue operation run from home, the funds come from our own pockets.

We would appreciate any donations made to our parrot shelter. These include:

Parrot seed and pellets, Budgie seed, cuttlefish, Lorikeet powder, worming medicine, bird lice/mite/nit spray, clean sawdust, straw and wood shavings, shell grit, perches, feed and water containers,  bird toys, large cages, etc.Please help us to help the parrot's that are in need...Please give.

We are in need of caging and toy's please help us..Or The idea is simple: you make a monthly contribution and ask your friends and/or relatives to do the same. This will make a BIG difference in a parrots life. Please donate what you can! Play send what ever you think may be a help too the rescue.Thank you.